Shelly is passionate about helping women have more trusting, loving and empowering relationships with themselves. She’s a Life Alignment coach, a meditation teacher and a writer. Shelly has more than 15 years of experience in helping people who know that their strength and wisdom lie in their wounds and life-challenges to wake up from the trance of fear and self-doubt and grow into a fierce presence.


Her life-course has meandered through diverse careers as a professional dancer, coffee-shop owner and a top-ten effective social change consultant in Israel, her homeland. After more than two years as a nomad in the East and a year living in a small remote village in the mountains of Italy, she has made Zurich her home together with her soul-partner and their two white cats. 


MALATOPIA's unique design, social responsibility and integrity inspired her to join forces and support MALATOPIA’s mission in adding beauty, love and empowerment to people’s lives. Connect more with Shelly via her website