Cleansing Ritual Kit


Our Cleansing Ritual Kits are ideal for clearing negative energy from your home, office, meditation area, altar, yoga space and sacred objects like crystals, tarot/oracle cards and malas.  Smudging is an ancient ritual used to purify and cleanse a person, object, place or space of any unwanted, lingering negative vibrations by burning various different herbs, woods or incense. Traditionally the purifying smoke bath is fanned over the person, object or space using the underside of a bird feather. Use the Quartz to set and amplify any intentions set during the cleansing ritual.


Cleansing Ritual Kit includes:

White Sage bundle (Botanical Name: Salvia Apiana iapproximately 10cm long,  18-25gm in weight, origin California, USA)

Three sticks of Palo Santo Wood (Botanical Name: Bursera Graveolens is approximately 1-1.5cm wide and 9-11cm long, 14-22gm in weight, origin Peru)

Guinea Fowl feather (approximately 20cm long)

Clear Quartz Mini Tower (approximately 2 x 4cm, 17-25gm in weight, origin Brasil)


Due to the natural nature of these products they may vary in colour, shape and size. Please note the products and the crystal meanings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailments. They can be used as a spiritual support to healing and the results are the sole responsibility of the user. Each kit is created with love and positive intentions and presented in a beautiful gift box including instructions.


SAFETY: Please use with care and ensure any lit item is completely extinguished before leaving the room.


Cleansing Ritual Kit

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