Goddess Anahita Mala

108 Mala necklace created with 6mm round Rainbow Moonstone, Kyanite, 6mm & 8mm Aquamarine and 8mm Angel Aura Quartz.  Aquamarine & Angel Aura Quartz Guru beads with a choice of Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver spacers and bead caps. Royal Blue thread and a luxurious silk tassel Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver accent.


Moonstone: hope, destiny, fertility, harmony, intuition, love,wisdom, feminine lunar energy, new moon energy

Kyanite: creativity, empowerment, loyalty, peace, self-expression

Aquarmarine: compassion, courage, tranquility, trust, clear communication

Angel Aura Quartz: joy, peace, purification, rejuvenation, serenity, aura healing


The Anahita Mala named after the Persian Goddess Anahita, known as the Lady of the Waters, represents freedom for all Women across the world.  Anahita is a Water Goddess, a Fertility Goddess and a Protector of Women. She can soothe our fears and she is the warrior that we channel to survive.  Anahita is often seen as a young woman in a golden mantle with a crown surmounted by eight rays and one hundred stars.  She carries a water pot and a pomegranate blossom.


Aredevi Sura Anahita – “life increasing, herd increasing, fold increasing who brings abundance and prosperity in all countries”


Prayer to Anahita:

“Mighty Anahita with splendor will shine, Incarnated as a youthful divine.  Full of charm her beauty she will display, Her hip with charming belt she will array.  Straight-figured, she is as noble bride, Freeborn, herself in puckered dress will hide.  Her cloak is all decorated with gold, With precious dress Anahita we shall behold.” - Original poem based on Kashani’s Persian folk songs, from an Avestan invocation to Anahita.


Gemstones, seeds and wood are natural so they may vary in colour, shape and size.  Please note the products and the crystal meanings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailments.  They can be used as a spiritual support to healing and the results are the sole responsibility of the wearer.  Each mala is hand made with love and positive intentions.


Each mala is shipped in a beautiful gift box, satin bag and gemstone description cards. (Excludes crystals in product photos.)


Goddess Anahita Mala Necklace

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