Organic Cotton + Rubber Yoga Mats


ORGANIC YOGA MAT: innovative handwoven yoga mats made from organic cotton and natural rubber. 


DE URIA wanted to create the perfect yoga mat! It had to be organic, made only from natural components, with a good grip, foldable, washable and beautiful. We can’t wait for you to try it and discover its healing properties. 


These beautiful yoga mats are made from organic cotton and a small amount of natural rubber from a rubber tree that grows in South India. They are handwoven by communities in South India who receive a decent wage for their work as well as social health and social packages.


In India yoga is performed only on natural fabric mats and in natural clothing. Using an organic yoga mat for your daily practice can bring you closer to nature, making you feel more grounded and connected to our planet’s energies. The more natural, the more efficient the practice and the link with the energies from the Earth. Each of our mats have been dyed with a different Ayurvedic herb which gives them different natural energetic and healing properties. 


The yellow one is dyed with Turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties.


The grey one is dyed with Vetiver, which has a calming and grounding effect.


The coral one is dyed with Red Sandal and Sappan wood which have energizing and detoxifying properties.


The aubergine one is dyed with with Vetiver, Red Sandalwood and Triphala herbs, which have a harmonizing effect.


De Uria yoga mats are machine washable, foldable and light to carry (800gsm). They measure 188 x 65cm and are 3mm wide.


Please note that as this is a natural product colours may vary slightly.


Organic Cotton + Rubber Yoga Mats

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